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The Fast-Casual Eatery where The names are cheeky but The food is no joke. Bowl'd flavors prepared with the freshest ingredients and served fast in your choice of bowl, wrap or slider.



When you're eating with Nomads, you know you'll get great tasting, healthy and ethical sourced food served quickly and affordability

every single time

So go ahead,

Grab Life by the Bowls

And enjoy...



We use locally sourced, pastured raised chicken, wild caught fish and local grass fed beef.

And that means just what you think it does.

Other labels are not as transparent. 

Cage-free doesn't specify any amount of space per chicken and​ Free-range doesn't mean a chicken ever actually went outside. "Farm-fresh" and "natural" have absolutely no bearing on animal welfare at all.

Thats why we visit our farms and meet the farmers. The chicken you enjoy at Nomads is from Brookvale Pine Farms in Fredmont, NH, about 10 minutes from our Kitchen. Our ladies were given ample space on this 300+ acre farm to roam and a barn (or bus in this case) to roost.

Now we're talking.


Our partners committed to making the food system better and...

we are committed to being part of the solution.

Our Partners
“You are what what you eat eats.” 
-Michael Pollan, In defense of food: An eaters Manifesto

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