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Pinchos $5

Puerto Rican "fast food" BBQ Chicken Skewers Served with Garlic Bread. 

NE Sweet Corn $3

New England Sweet Corn covered in real maple syrup whipped with butter, dusted with cinnamon and spices. A nomads original.

Loaded Nachos $10

Loaded- Pulled Pork or Chicken Bacon/ Queso/ Mad Bean/ Lettuce Corn/ Beans/ Salsa/ Sour Cream 

Baja $5

Latin Style Pulled Chicken/ Mad Bean Shredded Lettuce/Cheese Blend 

Sour Cream/Baja Sauce

HOG Heaven $5

NE BBQ Pulled Pork/ Bacon

Shredded Lettuce/ Crumbled Corn Bread 

Cheese Blend/ Sour Cream/ BBQ Sauce

K-BBQ Tacos $5

Braised Korean BBQ Short Rib taco with Pickled Fresno Peppers 

Asian Slaw/ Braised in secret sauce/ Fried Wontons

Small Bites Small Price

Try All 3 Tacos for $12

Buddha Bowl (Chinese) $7 VG

Where it all started. Rice and Lettuce Bowl with Broccoli/ Snap Peas/ Asian Slaw

Pickled Fresno Peppers/ Fried Wontons 

A Nomads specialty. 

Add Korean BBQ Short Rib, Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken +$3

Madre Bowl (Mexican) $7 VG GF

Rice and Lettuce bowl with Black Beans/ Corn Grape Tomatoes/ Salsa/ Corn Chips 

Southwest Dressing

Add Korean BBQ Short Rib, Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken +$3

Med Head Bowl (Mediterranean) $7

Lettuce and Rice bowl with Quinoa/ Harissa Chic Peas  Grape Tomatoes/ Cucumbers/ Feta Cheese

Baked Pitas/ Med Head Sauce and Red Head Sauce


Add Korean BBQ Short Rib, Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken +$3

OG  $6

Classic grilled cheese Quesadilla

Add Pulled Chicken or Bacon +$2

PIG Pile  $10

OG with BBQ Pulled Pork & Bacon

Shorty  $10

OG with Pickled Fresnos/ Braised Korean BBQ Short Rib

with Asian Slaw on the side


Hit anything with Queso, Bacon, Crumbled Corn Chips

Veggie  $10

OG with Corn/Black Beans/Harissa Chickpeas

Sour Cream/Salsa

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